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We are a Venice-based company specialized in the construction of maritime and underwater structures and infrastructures. We have a large fleet, special means and equipment, qualified personnel and experienced RINA and BUREAU VERITAS certified technical underwater operators.

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We are leaders in underwater services and in the insertion, both on land and at sea, of sheet piles and large metal elements In 1996, from the merger by incorporation of the Company Impremar - active in Venice since 1979 in the field of underwater, maritime and port works - Nautilius Srl was born.

Since 2010, we have aimed to internationalize the business, investing in resources, human resources and innovation to further develop specializations in the maritime and diving fields.

In Italy, we participated in the construction of the Mo.SE system, managed environmental redevelopment interventions in the ports of Ancona and Ravenna, as part of the Tempa Rossa project carried out works at the Taranto Refinery. Abroad we have carried out important projects in the Mediterranean (Libya, Tunisia, Croatia, France, Albania), in the Middle East (Mosul dam in Iraq and Jordan), in Kazakhstan and in the Russian Federation.

Today we are a reliable reference point for Public bodies and private companies.

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